This will be our first year exploring the story of Easter using Resurrection Eggs! 
Each day we plan on including simple stories, questions, artwork and a bible reading.  I’ll let ya know how it goes.  
These would be super simple to make on your own too!    
The Twelve Days Leading up to EASTER:
Day One:  Donkey- Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem
Day Two:  Three Coins-  Judas’ blood money
Day Three:  Cup-  The Last Supper
Day Four:  Praying Hands-  The Garden of Gethsemane
Day Five:  Leather Strip-  39 Lashes
Day Six:  Crown of Thorns-  Mocking of Jesus
Day Seven:  Nails-  Crucifixion
Day Eight:  One die-  Soldiers gambling 
Day Nine:  Spear-  Roman Soldiers piercing Jesus’ robe
Day Ten: Linen-  Grave clothes
Day Eleven:  Stone-  The tomb
Day Twelve:  Empty Egg-  RESURRECTION!
I hope you are savoring and enjoying every moment of this miraculous season!