Have you discovered PINTEREST yet??!

If not, RUN DON’T WALK and go explore immediately!  Pinterest, in its simplest form, allows us visually categorize and organize EVERYTHING wonderful we find online.  I think this platform will transform the way we explore blogs, share creativity and interact with other like minded artists. 

I’m only a week in and I’m officially HOOKED!

My Pinterest Link:  pinterest.com/katherinemarie



A Couple Tips for Pinterest Newbies—

…You need a facebook or twitter account to join.  I caved and opened a twitter account (which I’ll never use)  just so I could sign up!    

…You don’t need to “join” to search and enjoy all the inspiration boards that others have created.

…Initially I couldn’t figure out what ‘request an invite’ meant?!  Ya, I’m a little slow at this.  I thought it was used to request permission to view a user’s page (like facebook).  Nope.  ‘Request an invite’ simply means ‘sign me up!’  You don’t need a “special invitation”– anyone can join! 

…If you are interested in what has been “pinned” (aka bookmarked) from your own blog— pinterest.com/source/name of your blog.com 

…When you follow a user, every new pin they bookmark will appear on your Pinterest home page.  You may follow a specific board to narrow your focus!

 …You can pin from all sorts of sources… use your own photographs to share with the world OR pin lovely inspiration from other blogs and websites.  



Let me know if you have a Pinterest page!  I would love to see what inspires you!