Hi 52 Smile Folks!

  Let’s spread some smiles with BOOKS!!!   


1.  I love THIS IDEA!!!! via Jodiefied   

2.  Attach a ribbon and note to an inspirational book.  Leave it for a stranger to find and enjoy!  We used 365 Ways to Live Happy: Simple Ways to Find Joy in Everyday for our surprise-a-stranger gift.          

3.  Go through your kid’s library and collect books that they have outgrown.  Deliver books to a kids play area, local shelter or children’s hospital.  

4.  If your children attend public school you are sure to see lots of book orders!  Have your child select an extra book or two.  Request that your donation be used for a student who needs a pick-me-up.      

5.  Host your own “book drive” and round up a nice collection of books from family and friends.  Deliver books to a retirement community or nursing home.  

6. Locate a place in your community where you can volunteer to read to someone!  Share your voice.  



If you are new here, 52 Smiles is a year long project were we intentionally do one out-of-the-ordinary act of kindness each week. 

Read more: HERE  We would love to have you join in with us.  You can start YOUR 52 at ANYTIME!  



Let me know how your BOOK LOVE goes!  xoxoxoxox