I enjoy making little interactive kits to accomany our favorite books.  Miss Nelson is Missing was my all time favorite when I was a kid and I still love Marshall & Allard’s irresistible characters today! 

How can anyone resist Detective McSmogg and kids of room 207?


“Most Wanted” Story Character Cards

Detective McSmogg’s Decoder (Red Robin Coasters)

Finger Printing Cards & Ink Pad

Top Secret Evidence Collection Container (Recycled Card Case)

Detective Notebook & Undercover Glasses

Paint Brush (to dust for prints!) & Magnifying Glass

Detective McSmogg is going undercover to solve the case!  

We even did a little spit ball painting to get the full Miss Nelson experience!  I might post those next.  :) 

Only a few days of winter left and we plan on taking advantage of these last snowy days by cuddling up with lots of good books.  

Enjoy YOUR day!