[Oh gee.  What did I get myself into?]


” For adult education, nothing beats children.”    Mark Ortman

In Raising Healthy Children, Jolene L. Roehlkepartain writes,  “In our eagerness to teach our children, we may overlook what they’re teaching us:  compassion, conflict resolution, and time management.  They show us how to let loose, be spontaneous, rest we we need to and become best friends with someone we were mad at minutes ago.  They help us to remember what it’s like to be a child– and they help us to be better adults.  Next time you learn a lesson from a preschooler, thank him or her.  You might say,  “Thank you for reminding me that yelling doesn’t help.  Adults sometimes forget.” 


My kids teach me the true meaning of living creativity.  When the moment strikes, canvas or no canvas they passionately draw, doodle and express their artistic side.   They don’t need fancy supplies or art lessons.  Even sharpie on legs is form of artistic expression for them.  

It is up to me to nurture their creative spirits AND to keep my sanity.  

 I hope that they always create with such fearless abandon.  I pray that I can always keep my eyes open to their wonderful lessons.