Hi!  Meet Mr. IRRISISTBLE, whom I had the pleasure of photographing recently.  Is he PRECIOUS or WHAT?!!

He is here today to help me present a checklist of items you’ll want to have on hand if you have scheduled a photo session with me or if you are going to do your very own BABY PHOTO SHOOT.    



“Oh my! What on earth do I need to do to get ready for my big moment in front of the camera?!”   


1.        Blankets   The more choices, the better!!  Have a variety of solids & prints with different textures.  You may want to include heirloom quilts and special handmade blankets too.  I like everything from vibrant and bold to neutral.  Newborns will also need swaddling blankets in a variety of solid colors and prints (I love polka dots and stripes).

2.       Step Ladder or Tall Chair  

3.       Attention Getters   I have found that babies six months and younger are most receptive to sounds and touch during sessions.  Anything from bells, rattles, noisy toys to pots + pans.  Babies always love mom and dad’s voice the best; sometimes I’ll ask them to sing silly songs and make noises just behind my head.  A long feather or long handled blush brush are great to get their attention too.  

4.       Hats.  Bows. Leg Warmers.  Booties.  Ties.   Etsy.com has a plethora of cuteness for photo shoots…  search etsy for ‘baby photo prop’ or ‘knit baby hat’ and you’ll soon be lost in a sea of ideas you can make yourself or purchase.

5.       Boppy  Perfect underneath a soft blanket.  Pillows and beanbags also help prop baby up.    

6.       Toasty Warm Room   Essential so baby will be comfortable in his birthday suit.  You can use a small space heater or just crank up room temperature.  I always say, if I’m not sweating during a session it wasn’t warm enough for baby.

 7.       Cover-ups  Cloth diapers are perfect for covering nakie parts (see photo below).  I also like to use whatever blanket the baby is laying on and bring it up and over to cover privates.  Make sure everything is washable! 

 8.       Extra Baby Wipes & Burp Clothes Sessions get MESSY, trust me.  A little pee and poop hasn’t stopped a session yet!

9.       Camera Ready Parents Even if mom and dad aren’t the stars of the shoot, it’s okay if they look it.  I recommend long or short sleeves solids (charcoal or blue are always easy shade to work with).  Clean pretty hands, nice hair and moisturized skin helps too!  

    “Who is this lady taking my picture?  I much prefer mom!”    [I like to keep baby nice and close to mama or daddy until he or she gets used to my sound and touch!]



And here is where it gets really fun;  the last thing you’ll want to have on hand is-

10.    Something that reflects your STYLE, PERSONALITY and/or PASSION!  Look around your house for items that tell a story of your family or reflects something you love.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  It could be a pretty selection of fresh cut flowers from your garden, a vibrant table cloth (above) or something like THIS or THIS.  Think outside the box and have fun with this one.  

 The ideas are endless:

Vintage Suitcases
Musical or Sports Equipment
BIG Bowls (Metal or Ceramic)
Baskets and Trunks
Antique Anything  (Toys, Phones, Typewriters)
Parents or Grandparent Outfits, Uniforms or Hats



“Ohhh weeee… this whole photo shoot thing isn’t so bad!”             




 “Here I am all nestled and snug.  Can you believe they put me in a picnic basket?!”    






“Alright folks, modeling is hard work… time for a little snooze!”