Last week we dove into a hot topic. 

All things FIRE!


[Search & Rescue Games Galore and Firefighter Imaginary Play]  

Streamers make for perfect pretend flames and recycled spray butter bottles work great as fire extinguishers. 


Finger puppets with a LIFESAVER surprise!   Puppet template via Alphabet Soup. 


FYI I have always been this ridiculously cheesy (silly?).  I’m not sure where it comes from?  I once, as an ADULT,  sent out a professional resume with an attached role of Lifesavers— “Hire Me! Let me be your LIFESAVER!”   Guess what? I got the interview.  The hiring manager said my application, “stood out from the rest.”  heheheheh… Didn’t get the job, but HEY, got the INTERVIEW!


1.  Five Little Fire Fighters Song via Bus Songs.  Puppet Idea via Kids Soup   2.  This is my work in progress.  It will eventually be a lift-flap discovery board with photos of the kids as drivers.   3.  52 SMILES Project— Thank You Firefighters Stationary   4.  Puppets are made from card-stock, large craft sticks and a cereal box.


Books + Craft Fun     



{Fun With} looks and feels a lot like THEME OF THE WEEK, doesn’t it?

I changed the name.  :) 

I never really did like the name theme-of-the-week.  It was too long and lots of folks thought we did a special theme study every single week.  I’m crazy, but I’m not THAT crazy!   {Fun With} will still focus on learning and celebrating through creative play, art and exploration.  It really is my favorite thing to do around here.  :)     


Fire Safety PART II:  UP NEXT!