[Family Love Note Mailbox]  Recycled juice box is sealed until February 14th! 


[Recycled Candy Heart Box Game]  Sight Word Fun!  Last year we stuffed a similar chocolate box with goodies for lunch– HERE.


[Heart Zoo]  Make & Word Match


Heart & Arrow Color Clip Activity


1. Heart Puppets    2.  Valentine Letter Game  3.  Happy Hearts Book– all the characters are hearts (of course!)  4.  Heart Home Work


1.  Valentine for cousin Zoe (practice telling time!)   2 & 3  Emerson’s Heart Color SORT   4.  My favorite kind of  Valentine   


Knock Knock

Who’s There?


Justin TIME for your VALENTINE!



Hope your home is filled with loads of HAPPY HEARTS and SMILES in these chilly days leading up to VALENTINE’S DAY!!!