1.  Nothing beats a sunset in the Caribbean   2.  Maho Resort   3.  Hunk   4.  Our Favorite Beach   5.  More Hunk   6.  We don’t see skies like this in Indiana  7.  A bikini shot for you!   8.  Orient Beach  9.  God’s glorious colors– my absolute favorite thing about St. Martin   10.  I am actually in a picture folks!   11.  Alley up to our guest house  12.  My kinda relaxation 


12.  My first 52 SMILES act and I spelled ENJOY, EJOY.  hehehe…   I hope it didn’t deter the recipient from enjoying some spirits at sunset.  14.  That gorgeous gal is my amazing friend of TWENTY FIVE years!  We have been friends since 7th grade.  How can that be?    


1.  I almost forgot how fun it is to take photographs of adults!   2.  Yes, the water really looks like this.  On this day it was as warm as bath water.   3.  The only way I can surf   4.  My paradise   5.  God’s gift to us–  these colors just blow my mind   6.  Beach outside our place at dusk


I hope YOU get to spend some time in a sunny-happy place in 2011!!!