Last CHRISTMAS 2010 post that is! 

I just can’t help myself!!  Imagine my computer… you’ve only seen 1% of the photos I took in December. :)  Oh my!


I enjoyed this New Year passage from Deep Breath of Life by Alan Cohen:

Greet the new year with a sense of joyful anticipation. No matter what has happened this year, you have the power to create your next year as you choose. You are not the same person who started this year. You are wiser, deeper, and richer for your experiences. You will take your knowledge and build on it to make a new year unlike any you have lived before.

Devote this new year to gratitude, blessing, and celebration!  Determine that the next year will be the best one ever. It will be what you want it to be, so aim high. You deserve the very best that life has to offer, because you are the very best.  I walk in love. My future is blessed by God.