This is such an amazing time of year. 

Gratitude swirls all around us. 

 The challenge for me is to keep the color of gratitude alive in my all-day, everyday thinking. 



We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.  Cynthia Odic 



Thank you God for the

messes of toddlerhood, childhood and the teenage years.

Thank you for

crayons on the table, floor & bed, 

sticky faces and dirty toes,

smiles that greet me each morning,

and even permant sharpie on the couch.

Thank You for every part of this life. 



Anywhere is paradise.  It’s up to you.   Unknown



Re-framing plays a huge roll in my daily graditude— 

Kid screams uncontrollably in the store = “Thank you God for his healthy lungs that function and his stong will!”

Lunch that ended up on the floor, wall and table =  “Thank you God for all this food that nurishes their little bodies.”

6AM, tired, need sleep, kids AWAKE =  “What a way to wake up!  Thanks God for these morning hugs and all the energy and enthusiasmthis morning.”

Mounds of never ending laundry on the couch = “Thank You for all these clothes for my children!” 


The excursion is the same when I go looking for

 graditude and joy


complaints and misery. 


My prayer for this Thanksgiving week and always is gratitude, NO EXCEPTIONS!

I hope you are finding gratitude and joy EVERYWHERE!