Kiddo Outdoor Post Office & Dessert


Snail Mail Cupcakes



1. Stamp & Letter Match    2. Mail Style Spelling    3.  “Junk” Mail    4. Sketch Book for Stamp Collecting


1. Kids in their “mail truck”     2 & 3. Edible Mail– Postage: $1.90 each in the states    4. Post Office Hunt


  TWELVE ways to have fun with LETTERS, STAMPS & THE POST OFFICE:  

1.    Mail an edible post card.  We sent out boxes of gummy bears & smarties.

2.   Junk Mail Math! Match paper stamps with “math problems” to envelopes with “address answers.”  

3.   Serve cupcakes with mini envelopes & letters tucked inside.   

5.   Set up a pretend post office and letter set!   Letters & Stamps = Paper, Velcro & Craft Foam,  Parcels = Wrapped Toy Blocks & Empty Boxes,  Mail Box  =  Shoe Box & Blue Paint,  Name Badges = Recycled Priority Mail Boxes 

6.   Bring a simple scavenger hunt to the post office! 

7.   Start a stamp collection.  We made simple sketch books with recyled boxes, paper scraps and envelopes. 

8.  Play educational MAIL games!  PO BOX Match Up, Word Family Letters, Stamp & Letter Match…  

9.   Take a copy of The Jolly Postman & other mail themed books to the post office; spread out a blanket and read in the sunshine!  

10.  Order an itsy-bitsy treasure from the World’s Smallest Postal Service: Leafcutter Designs.  I’ve always wanted to try this–haven’t yet… but maybe someday!

11.   Leave a surprise treat in your mailbox for your mail carrier!

12.  If you are ultra handy with needle and thread— sew a felt mail kit.  Emerson still  enjoys this one I ordered last year.