Feeling artsy and hungry?  How bout a little bite ‘o crayola?


These are super simple to make.  Mason did everything except attach the wrapper.

All you need:

  1. Pretzel rods
  2. Meltable white-choclate ( you can use the cheapy kind from the wedding section at Michael’s)
  3. Printer & Cardstock
  4. Food coloring (I used the NEON type– this is “blue”)

Just melt * dip * print * wrap!!

Original idea and wrapper download:  Gourmet Mom This is my absolute favorite place for fun-with-food ideas!!  MY KIND of cookin!

So these, we obviously made for Valentine’s day, but you could make them for any celebration.   I think they would be perfect for back to school time or an art party.  I’m thinking of an art theme for Emerson’s third b-day— so you might see these again!!