{Six Things We Love About YOU}

  1. The little freckles on your nose
  2. Your infectious giggles
  3. Your never-ending ENERGY & ENTHUSIASM
  4. How you naturally make people feel special & adored
  5. Your willingness to try new adventures
  6. Your snuggles, kisses & hugs

{Six Things YOU Love}

  1. Staying Up Late
  2. Surprises!
  3. Chocolate Milk & Anything SWEET
  4. Balloons
  5. Board Games
  6. Taking Pictures with Mom’s Camera

 {Six things you said this year that I never want to forget}

  1. “Mom, I sure love life!  But when I die I want to be a in a garden next to YOU!”
  2. “Tough guys don’t need band-aids.”
  3. Me: “Mason, what are you proud of?”  Mason: “THESE!!!” (Pointing to his arm muscles)
  4. “I am IN LOVE with this dinner!”
  5. While eating his first artichoke of the season, “Mom, is this an animal?”
  6. “I sure love having you as a mom.”

{Six things YOU put on the menu for your ultra special BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST}

  1. Turkey Sausage
  2. Pickle Juice
  3. Hash Browns
  4. French Toast
  5. A Sugar Cookie
  6. Chocolate Milk

We LOVE you, Mason. Happy Happy 6th BIRTHDAY!