(on the left) 

My dad is extraordinary.  Not just on Father’s Day. EVERYDAY.  

He has taught me the art of kindness, generosity, perseverance and determination.

One of the greatest gifts he has given me is my CREATIVE spirit.   


Proof my dad is CRAZY CREATIVE: 

  1. He lives in a purple house.
  2. He creates zany food dishes.  Can you say sauteed Honey Nut Cheerios with cinnamon and sugar?!  
  3. We did family style whip-cream fights when I was a kid! 
  4. He has an old telephone booth, a McDonald’s amusement ride, and a hand-crafted stain glass fence decorating his BACKYARD.  It’s amazing.
  5. As a kid he wallpapered my room, top to bottom, with my artwork.


So when you see all the wacky-crazy-silly-messy things I do with my kids…  

don’t blame me! I was just blessed enough to have a fantastic and amazing role-model.   


“THANKS DAD for teaching how live creatively.  Because you believed in me, loved me and cherished me that I am able to be the mom I am today.  

 THANK you for being the most wonderful father in the WORLD! 

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

 I love you!”