Fun & Games

The Happy Hunt:  For the inside version I used circle punches and mini yellow stickers to hide smiley faces throughout the house.  For the outside hunt the kiddos searched for the smiley faces (yellow paper plates) at the park and while we were out cruising around town.   Object of this game is to count your blessings.  Every time you find a smile you find something in your day that made you happy.   

Happy Face Math: Addition with a twist— adding smiley faces using dotty “bingo” markers.  

Smiley Face Pop: What’s in the balloon?  A note to hop, jump or skip perhaps?

Happy Match: The classic preschool favorite using recycled CDs and clothes pins.  How fast can you match letters or numbers on the smiley face?

Feelings Game: Feeling happy is great… but it’s okay to feel shocked, shy and mad too. We decorated an old ‘laughing cow’ cheese container to hold faces and feeling cards. 

The Happy Board: Gratefulness = Happiness!  So much to be thankful for and to be happy about!!  God, Ice-cream trucks, baseball, family… This was our visual celebration of all the things that make us HAPPY!

Happy Grass: Funnel + Sugar + a Touch of Food Coloring = Happy Grass  I was a wee bit worried that the grass might not like the sugar, but apparently grass likes sugar as much as we do!



I could do happy faces all year long.  Yellow smiling faces really do make me smile.  


So next time you are feeling a little blue… just put a little smile on…  anywhere, everywhere… 

Happy Faces Part II HERE!!   

Have a nice day. :)