Talk about some serious spoiling going on here…

Yesterday I received a SURPRISE package from my inspirational friend Tracie!! {Her Blog Here}

WOWSERS.  It was so pretty I didn’t even want to unwrap it. 

Inside I found three books and letter press cards— OH MY!  Funny thing is we sent each other packages on the same day without even knowing it!  :):)  Thank you so very much Tracie!


And look at this necklace!!!  Christy from Beachbrights (remember my I pick you, Valentine) recently sent me this.  Just because.  JUST BECAUSE!  I mean come on.  How incredible is that?


I had to search for this photo… a sweet gift from last summer… Candies wrapped in PAPER STRAWBERRIES!  From my ultra creative friend Heather!    

And ALL the sweet treasures from friends afar I haven’t photographed… my heart is going to burst with gratitude and love because of you guys!


“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship:

 it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovered that someone else believes in him

and is willing to trust him with his fellowship.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thank you friends.  I cherish each and every one of you.