When we exhasted this question book I went on the search for MORE DINNER GAMES! 

We are now loving–

THE UNGAME:   My dad  introduced me to this game when I was a kid. I’ve loved it ever since and it’s perfect for dinner questions!  It comes in several different versions— Christian, Kids, Teens and Families.  I found these are our local educational store.  


PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD:  Spin the dial and pick a “food” question card—                 

Ham it UP: Pretend you work in a shoe store. See if anyone can guess who you are and where they are.

Easy as PIE:  What candy don’t you like?

Mixed VEGGIES: Ask everyone… are you feeling sweet or sour today?

Use your Noodle:  T/F Insects are commonly used in yogurt, ice cream and juice drinks.  {TRUE! Carmine is a food dye that is extracted from boiling dried insects.}