[Green Eggs for Sale! Fill each egg with pennies, nickles, dimes and/or quarters.]


Green Eggs & Ham Words:

a     am     and     anywhere     are     be     boat     box     car     could     dark     do     eat     eggs     fox
goat     good     green     ham     here     house     I     if     in     let     like     may     me     mouse     not on     or     rain     Sam     say     see     so     thank     that     the     them     there     they     train     tree     try
will     with     would     you

[Dessert Dr. S Style:  Melted Chocolate + Corn Flake Cookie]


Learning Fun:

Pin the YOLK on the Egg

Speedy Dinner Board Game

Egg Word Fill

Green Egg Painting

Eggs for Sale! 


Pin the YOLK on the egg (and get the fork on the napkin bonus) was the big hit of the week! 

  Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd! 

ICK! I do not do not like them Sam I am! (Not if they are over-easy that’s for sure!)