Hi friends!  Sorry about all the technical difficulties!!  I hope you were able to find me here.  For those of you who emailed me about my blog not working, it should be up and running soon!!!  If you click on HOME or go directly to katherinemaries.com it should take you to my recent posts.

Our week before Christmas:


Arts & Crafts:  Cardboard Gingerbread Village (Martha Stewart) & Paper Gingerbread Friends

Learning Fun: Gingerbread Chalkboard Count and Sort & Flour Writing

  Fun with Food:  Decorating Houses and Cookies, of course!

Just for Kicks: Scratch and Sniff Game {Spices from gingerbread recipe)

Imagine the clean up after our FLOUR letter writing activity!

Sand paper +  glue  + cutouts = scratch and sniff cookies!

Blaise was the offical cookie tester!

Cookies are made with butter and love. Norwegian Proverb