In Chicago you’ll find…

–A Dazzling Nightlife–


Amazing Food (although we think this dish gave us a touch of food poisoning)–


—Lots of architectural delightfulness—



 —Some hard-to-resist window shopping– 


—My gorgeous and lovely friend Lora—


And this is what happens when you let two crazy photographers loose in the big windy city… 

While most people were shopping we were photographing!



{These last four photos:  courtosy of Lora.} 

The only time you’ll ever find me in a photo is when I’m with my photographer friend! The first and last image is Lora catching our reflection in the BEAN. 


Imagine our thrill when nearly 200 SANTA’s showed up at Millenium park!!?  How does that happen?!

We also made the Renegade Handmade craft fair!  Believe it or not I only bought one thing. It was wildly crowded, but I enjoyed drooling over all the amazing creations.

What a weekend!!!! Hope yours was equally as wonderful!

Ohhhh and I almost forgot to add…

The one thing you WILL NOT find in Chicago is a cheap place to—


29 bucks for 2 hours my friends!