Edible Delights: Cookie Soup (this is what happens when cookies get stuck to the baking sheet!), Cookie Monster Face Tortillas, and Marshmallow Pops

Learning Fun: Feed the Cookie Monster Math Game (paper cups + pennies for cookies) and Do-it-yourself Cookie Monster Book

Art Time: Cookie Monster Paper Plates & Draw a Cookie Monster Face with Sequencing Cards

Letter, Colors & Numbers: C, Blue & 20-30

Activities: Baking Cookies




How can anyone resist his fuzzy fuzzy face and his voracious appetite?  I love all of Hensen’s characters, but Cookie Monster might quite possilby be my favorite.

This Cookie Monster Interview is hilarious (click on the video link at NPR)!!! 

Make Learning Fun has a fantastic collection of early childhood theme activites including lots of cookie monter creations. 

After all these cookie activities— ME WANT VEGGIES now!