Welcome guest blogger Heather!

Heather is an amazingly talented Florida based artist-photographer.

Just feast your eyes on her SWEET version of theme of the week.

Oh my… the colors, the creativity, the fun… I can hardly stand it!

candy corn 1

candy corn 2

candy corn 3



Playful Fun: Candy Corn Toss

Edible Delights: Cheese and Crackers, Cupcakes, and a sad attempt at a fruit parfait with what I had on hand. I recommend pudding for the yellow layer instead of applesauce.

Learning Fun: Guessing how many candy corns are in a jar. Plus a lesson on volume- comparing equal amounts of candy corn in different jars/glasses.

Art Time: Melting Beads, Bean Bags

Activities: Sewing and Knitting

Decorating: Candy Corn Garland and Hair Clip


candy corn 5

Thanks Heather for your wealth of inspiration!

Heather’s blog:  Scrap Happy Heather