It’s {almost} my birthday!

In a few days I will be 38 years old.

Please skip the cards this year.

Don’t send a gift.

Instead just click here: BE THE MATCH

This is The National Marrow Registry.

People with leukemia and other life threatening diseases depend on the kindness of strangers in hopes that they will find a marrow match. You could save a life!

{My 38th birthday wish is to have at least 38 people sign up with me this year.}

Will you please join me?  Don’t wait.  A life may depend on it.


Isn’t it PAINFUL to donate marrow??

According to the National Marrow Registry,  “General or regional anesthesia is always used for this procedure. Donors feel no needle injections and no pain during the marrow donation process. You can expect to feel some soreness in your lower back for a few days or longer.” Think you can handle that?

WHY should I donate?

You could very well be the only person on the registry of MILLIONS who is a match.  According to the Puget Sound Blood Center,  “There is a critical need for more volunteer donors. Many patients, especially people of color, cannot find a compatible donor among those on the Registry.  A large, ethnically diverse group of prospective donors will give more patients a chance for survival.”  Every single person who signs up is giving hope.

Is it easy to register?

After filling out your online registration with Be the Match you’ll receive a test kit.  Simply take a couple swab samples from inside your cheek and send it back to them.  It took me less than ten minutes to register online and five minutes to send the swabs back.

Who Pays?

Donors never pay for donating and are never paid to donate.

What if I can’t or don’t want to donate, but I’d still like help?

Volunteer. Make a contribution. Pray.

If I register is it certain I will be called to donate?

Nope. I wish it was that easy. You may never be called or your might be one of a number of potential matches.  I’m hoping for the latter.

Is it safe to donate if I have kids?

Yes. Absolutely. Your body replaces donated marrow with four to six weeks! Isn’t that amazing? The average donor is back to feeling normal within a week of the their procedure.

{Thank you for helping me celebrate in an AMAZING way. Email me know when and if you decide to register.  If you have an personal experiences I would love to hear your story.}