but I only need one.

Kidney Donation.

Reasons why: save a life, help a stranger, take random-acts-of-kindness to another level

Reasons why not: I have a lot of kids.  Dr. Hank (aka Grandpa Hank) thinks it would be wise of me to save a kidney for one of my kids– just in case.

So I won’t be donating.  But I so very very much wish I could. Watch this ABC video clip to catch true kindness in action.  I wish I could participate.

People are so beautiful and kind.


The Kidney Chronicles is an amazing story-blog of guy who donated his kidney to a stranger. I am inspired by this guy. He is a true hero.  His next journey is to donate bone marrow to a 13 year old boy who is dying of leukemia. And guess what???? Dr. Hank says it’s OKAY for me to donate marrow. YES! I can help! I’m fearful of the pain involved… but I figure it can’t be any worse than unmedicated childbirth.

I challenge YOU to think about giving in an unbelievable way.  God calls each of us to be kind, generous and outrageously generous. What’s your way? I have not found my ULTIMATE way yet, but when I do my heart will sing!

Darn it on the kidney thing.  Darn it.

If you would like to join me on my bone marrow quest:   National Marrow Donor Program

I really enjoyed this article:  Here’s looking at you, Kidney.

This donation chain has lead to 10 kidney transplants:  CNN Health

Just added: My dad and his girl-friend are going to join me on the marrow journey! I’m so thrilled.  Let me know if you do too… I wonder how many lives we can save?