Summer is upon us!

  I’m starting a new learning-creating-celebrating idea… Theme of the Week!

  My goal is to pick one person, place or thing and run wild with it.  I’ll see what sparks the kids interest and then we will celebrate that theme all week long.  This week, you guessed it, strawberries.




Craft: “Strawberries for Sale!”  Add felt strawberries with green button stems to a little egg carton lined with fabric!

Food: Fresh Strawberry Jam {Mason and Mama’s first attempt at canning ANYTHING.}

Letter, Color & Number: Take a wild guess!

Activities: Set up a pretend strawberry stand— come and get your fresh juicy strawberries here!!!

Books: Bread and Jam for Francis, Five Little Strawberries, Sweet Strawberries & The Little Brown Mouse and The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear

June2009BC-Strawberry--027 Blaise has a new favorite food! He was diggin these big time, but the rest of the crew wasn’t particularly excited about them.



June2009BC-Strawberry--000The jam actually turned out pretty tasty. A bit tart, but you can’t beat the freshness. I used the super simple recipe on the Ball No Cook package. Clean up, not so fun. Fancy fabric and twine wrap, very fun.


Can I tell you how much fun this has been?

It was like we had one big strawberry party all week long. Wow— it’s 1:30am… I wanted to post Mason’s Baby Strawberry photos for nostalgia, but I better get some shut eye.

Cheers for summer!