A little Father’s Day gush gush…

Papa. My dad. Creative. Charming. Smart. Witty. Competitive. Passionate. Generous. Loving. Stubborn. Fun. Driven. Dedicated. Extraordinary. That’s him. And I cherish him beyond belief.  The greatest thing about our father-daughter relationship is that we truly enjoy each other.  He is the most amazing dad in the universe… I thank our Heavenly Father daily that He gave me such a precious gift.

My dad taught me; you can achieve anything, anything in this world, if you put your mind, heart and soul to it.

Daddio. My husband. An unquestionably amazing dad.  His dedication, passion and unconditional love for our kids shines through in everything he does.  Our kids really hit the jacketpot with daddio….  we can’t just get enough of him.

Yes, sometimes dream come true.  Here’s proof.


Happy Father’s Day all!!