I’m in the process of making several hard bound ABC books for (and of) the kids:

  • -A is for Art features photographs of all their artwork and creative endeavors.  In ABC format of course!
  • -B is for Baby Baby is my ABC version of a traditional baby book for Blaise.
  • And I’m still plugging away at my ISPY book!

I use Blurb (cheapy) and Asuka (expensive) for most of my book printing.

I spy Blaise!  Do you see his name in this photo?


I may use this one for B is for Beautiful Blue-eyed Baby Boy!?  It’s the not so common letter that get tricky?  I have yet to find a good Q pic!!


I really love printing in book format!  I’ll post a photo of Emerson’s book when I get a free sec!

For some serious ABC inspiration check out:  Preschool Daze (T is for Trading Post is delightful!) and Crafty Crows!  Talk about never ending ABC fun!!!