Everywhere a list list!

The Question List:

  1. Does anyone love (and look good in) Hudson jeans? I bought a pair that kinda look like this, but in a darker wash… wore them a couple times, but I don’t LOVE them.  Expensive jeans need to be loved.  I didn’t buy these at Nordstroms—  so I can’t return them.  Tag size 31 (I typically wear size 8).  You want them?  I’m going to send these to the first person who emails me with JEANS in the subject line.  (My only request is that you have a blog and include the link & that you live in the continental United States).  If they don’t look sensational on their new owner than perhaps we can have our own version of traveling pants!  My Hudon’s found a new home!!! Carrie from “My Polkadot Blogspot” was the first to email me.   Check her blog from some delightful scrapbooking joy!
  2. Is there a place that sells safe, organic, kid-friendly play makeup? Nothing that actually makes color— for pretend use only!  Emerson adores all my lotions and potions— I think it would be fun for her to have her own little set.  I thought about putting together a collection of lotions in various sized sample bottles and possibly adding a hint of food coloring?
  3. What should we do about rust in our drinking water? We have well water.  It’s nasty.  Gross.  Ick.  It smells like rotten eggs. I can’t even wash my hair or do laundry without it leaving a slight rusty-yellow residue.  We’ve tried rust- remover salt in our water softener, but that doesn’t seem to help?
  4. Can anyone recommend a good teething biscuit and/or teething toy? Blaise likes the Earth’s Best Organic Wheat Biscuits… but they are soooo messy.  Has anyone tried frozen wheat bagels or other freezer methods?
  5. Is there a website where you can type in random questions and get a real person (not a list of links) to answer? Maybe I’m imagining this, but I thought I read about a website like that??
  6. Can I still buy Polaroid film?  If so where is the least expensive place to purchase? I want to set up at mini photo booth at Mason’s birthday party… and I’m toying with the idea of going vintage old school Polaroid!
  7. I was going to keep this list to five… now I’m up to seven— one last question:  Does anyone make and sell full baby bibs? The kind that cover baby from neck to waist?  I really need one of these because if not I have to put baby in the sink after ever single feeding—-



The Project List:

  1. Nature’s COLOR Scavenger Hunt
  2. Rain Noise Makers
  3. Celebrate STORY TIME: Books, Activity & Lunch
  4. Mason’s Miniature Museum
  5. Make at least one thing for the CANDYLAND birthday party!

The Happy List:

  1. Watching my kids SING and DANCE and PRAISE with these incredible, incredible music CDs. Seeds Family Worship is WOW WOW WOW.  Their website and marketing (logo—web design) happen to be wildly creative and inspirational too.
  2. There is always something to celebrate
  3. Kids prayer journal
  4. This post on how many kids you should have!
  5. Being a feature photographer HERE!! I’m beyond thrilled.  Scroll down and look for the most MARVELOUS PLAY GROCERY STORE ever! I’d like one of those for me… I mean the kids.  :)

The Things I Need to Photograph List:

  1. The two swans that have made their new home on our lake! If I could get the classic dual swan neck shot {the heart} it would be like a little slice of heaven.
  2. My family communication center. I can’t tell you how much I love this project.  I used an old schoolhouse chalk board (eight feet long) to set it up.
  3. Blaise with baby angel wings! Only because every baby is a sweet sweet angel.
  4. Krischan with his guitar. This kid sure didn’t get his musical talent from me… I’m in awe of his skill!
  5. My Fun-in-a-Box & Office-in-a-box

I know it’s a pain that I don’t do comments… but if you have advice for my questions I’d love a quickie email!!!!!!

And since I call this blog my PHOTO JOURNAL how bout another photo.   Here’s a pink flower powder puff: