In preparation for Earth Day we are doing lots of trash-to-treasure projects!  Meet Robby— he’s actually a counting game disguised as a lovable little robot!



-thirty buttons in various sizes

-three recycled tins (at least one with a lid for game piece storage)

-modge podge

-paper for game cards & tin wrap

-roll of self adhesive magnet tape

Project takes about thirty minutes… while I was whipping up Robby, Emerson made some button art and Mason made a guitar from an egg box.  Adhere paper to tins with a thin coat of modge podge and add a small slice of magnetic tape to the back of each button. 


Game Cards:

Count by 10s

Count by 5s (shown above left)

Count by 2s

Add (Example 5+2=___ child would put 5 buttons on top tin, 2 on middle & 7 on bottom)

Free Time (create your own robot)

Small, Medium, Large (organize buttons by size)

The coffee tin is the perfect size for storing the smaller game pieces. Robby says go make a recycled art project for Earth Day!!!!