I hope you’ll celebrate Christmas with me just a little bit longer!  I still have so much to share with you.

Just think…

only 511,629 minutes until Christmas 2015!   katherine-marie-123014Here is a quick peek at our CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD celebration!  We traveled to nine countries in about one hour!  JET LAG!? LONG LINES?!  Nope!  :):)  The teacher in me absolutely loved this activity.

katherine-marie-123014gAfter the kids visited each country they added a stamp, pictures and/or written facts in their passports.

katherine-marie-123014dEach country had a simple treat or activity for the kids to enjoy.

katherine-marie-123014eAs a “pre-travel” activity we made construction paper maps for each country.

katherine-marie-123014a katherine-marie-123014bHere are a few of the countries we visited!!   We kept the information about each destination ultra simple and relevant for kiddos ages 3-10.  You are welcome to use our notes… but beware these just basic NOTES (not facts!)  I’m sure some of these aren’t accurate!

Next year I’d like to really plan ahead and have a food to sample from each country.  My dear friend Ana sent us a a beautiful array of Spanish desserts for us to enjoy!!!  Thank you FF!

katherine-marie-123014cKids put handouts and favors from each country into their file folder “luggage.”  We used google translate to hear MERRY CHRISTMAS in each country’s native language.

katherine-marie-123014fI’ve seen this activity done school wide… what a celebration it would be to have each classroom host a country!  Inspiration and ideas via Reindeer Land Christmas Traditions, The Controlled Chaos Classroom, and Teachers Pay Teachers