katherine-marie-christmas-card-akatherine-marie-christmas-card katherine-marie-christmas-card-bOne day, in late November, I yelled to the kiddos, “Put something Christmasy on and meet me on the porch!  It’s time for our Christmas card photo!”  I think I also added a little bribe too… “Anyone who joins in doesn’t haven’t to do chores!”

We all met on the porch.

Just as I started to take my first picture…

it started to SNOW.

Big white gorgeous snowflakes came tumbling out of the sky.

And that’s exactly how Christmas went for us this year… full of unexpected, mostly fun and beautiful surprises.  It’s hasn’t been easy.  We’ve dealing with some heart-wrenching stuff too.  But through it all, over and over, we are feeling God’s love.  We are embracing the surprises.

I still have a million pictures to share with you.  I might get to some more.

I hope you’ve had the merriest Christmas!