Day Seven:  A FUN DAY BOX!

katherine-marie-122114lI was trying to think of a final gift idea to share with you just as I started editing these photographs…  and why not?!  How neat would it be to give a FUN DAY box to anyone with kids?  or anyone who is a kid at heart!!?  Just pick a Christmasy theme and pack a box full of goodies to celebrate that theme!  Games, books, activities, crafts… the ideas are endless.  You could mix up an eclectic collection of handmade, new and vintage items for an unforgettable festive day!

Here is a SANTA DAY example!

katherine-marie-122114fkatherine-marie-122114eIf your gift recipient lives close enough you could even hand deliver a tray of goodies that go along with your theme!


  And well since we are talking about SANTA… here are four of my favorite Santies— katherine-marie-122114 katherine-marie-122114a katherine-marie-122114b katherine-marie-122114c katherine-marie-122114dxoxoxoxo!!!!