copyright-katherine-marie-121114aEarlier this week Mason (ten!) made up this TRAVEL ITINERARY for our Polar Express adventure!  He was home sick so I decided to put him to work!  Each stop had an activity and/or treat.  The grand finale was, of course, the “travel entertainment”– watching the actual movie.

…  copyright-katherine-marie-121114A quick stop at SNOWFLAKE Lane to make coffee filter snowflakes.

DSC_0953 DSC_0986“COLE” (coal) in the HOLE was a big hit.  The pretend coal was construction paper balls.   I found this one via Pinterest.

copyright-katherine-marie-121114bLunch is served!

copyright-katherine-marie-121114cI absolutely love Mason’s creativity and passion!!   He found these BELIEVE tickets HERE via The Sherbert Cafe h/t Pinterest.   The best part is punching the tickets!

polar-express-day-hoorayIphone snaps– Instagram pics HERE!