This year we will be celebrating each letter of the alphabet along with Blaise’s kindergarten class!  Their very first letter was you guessed it… Ii!!  copyright-katherine-marie-093014gI is for an Incredible Hulk lunch!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014f copyright-katherine-marie-093014eI is for inchworm and insect painting!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014aI is for interesting homework– the number inspector and itty-bitty ABCs (bubble wrap)!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014I is for the Incredible Hulk (again!) and Iguana (h/t Pinterest)


I is for how indescribably happy this little fella makes me!

copyright-katherine-marie-093014bI is for an incredibly icky snack menu!!!

1.  Imported Italian Icing

2.  Icky-Sticky Cake

3.  Inchworm Apples

4.  Insect Eyes (green cheese puffs)

5.  Insanely gross Iced Tea