He’s back!!!!

 These last couple weeks have been filled with Larry’s love of St. Patrick’s Day and his never-ending mischievousness.  copyright katherine marie 031414 Just in case you are new here and haven’t met him yet…  Leprechaun Larry is our beloved leprechaun named after my dad!  Leprecahaun Larry, like my dad, is mischievous, creative and kind.  And he LOVES LOVES a good joke or two.  March just wouldn’t be the same without him!

copyright-katherine-marie-031414mLarry kicked off his arrival by surprising the kids with his annual sensory!

copyright-katherine-marie-031414eLarry’s lunch– a self portrait of course!

copyright-katherine-marie-031414cLarry’s Lute! (via Pinterest, h/t The Examiner)

copyright-katherine-marie-031414k...copyright-katherine-marie-031414lLarry’s shamrock slime is always loads of messy fun!


copyright-katherine-marie-031414gBrunch in bed…  Larry tucked some jokes inside the Lucky Charms.

copyright-katherine-marie-031414fLarry is that he always makes learning extra fun!

copyright-katherine-marie-031414dLarry’s Exercise Map!

copyright-katherine-marie-031414p …


 Larry the Leprechaun 2013: HERE

Larry the Leprechaun 2012: HERE


May God bless you and keep you this holiday weekend.  May you feel the joy of His love on St. Patrick’s Day and always!!!