We’ve had quite a week over here!!  I went in for surgery on Thursday (a hysterectomy–Divinchi style-oh what fun!) and the following day Frankie underwent a CAT scan to look into what the doctors thought was an inflamed salivary glands that was not responding to antibiotics.  Frankie’s scan revealed, not a problem with the salivary glands, but severely swollen lymph nodes.  Our ENT immediately scheduled Frankie for surgery on Tuesday so that a pathologist could examine the nodes and figure out what was going on.  Here she is just before surgery.

We are rejoicing that pathologist’s report gave Frankie a clean bill of health.  NO SIGN of lymphoma!!!

  We have felt such love and support from our church community, family, friends and of Jesus Christ himself!! My mom has been here helping and our priest was at the hospital with us– their loving support has been such a huge blessing.

We REJOICE!!!!! So much to be thankful for!

So now we are just takin’ it easy and spending our days recovering—

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Thank you so much Jodi for the sweetest get-well gift!  Something for ALL FIVE SENSES!  (A book for sight — Itunes gift card for hearing–body spray for smell–nail polish for touch–jelly beans for taste)