List-O-Fun for the big night!  

A few favorites—Shoot for the New Year = Shoot Nerf discs at balloons,  Light Up 2014 = Dancin’ with glow sticks,  Strong Start to 2014 = Balloon barbell toss,  Pop into the New Year = Pop-its (left over from 4th of July) and popcorn bar,  Whip Cream Shots— with extra sprinkles of course!

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Midnight Kisses!  Thanks a million for the treats Jodi!!!!


copyright-katherine-marie-010414b copyright-katherine-marie-010414kThe kiddos even got to take a ride back in time!!  We had the kids spin for a destination year and then enter through the door in the back for a WILD (lights off with lots of noise!) back in time.  Upon arrival they got a taste what it was like in another era with billboard music hits and a quick year in review (ie in 1931 the president was Herbert Hoover, a loaf of bread cost eight cents, the average price of a home was $6,700, etc…)

copyright-katherine-marie-010414jPraying God’s richest and most beautiful blessings upon you in 2014!!!!