For years it’s been my tradition to make themed kits to give out to my friends and loved ones at Christmastime!

This year I whipped up—

copyright-katherine-marie-122213 copyright-katherine-marie-122213a

I was inspired to make these “Santa Sundae” boxes from all the fabulous ice cream goodies posted on  Pinterest & by my dear friend Christina who sent me an ICE-CREAM-PARTY-IN-A-BOX for my birthday this year!!

Each box is a bit different, but some of my favorite contents included–

North Pole Napkins

Santa’s Syrup

Snowball Sprinkles

Santa’s Scoop

Yes, I love coming up with the cheesy names– Randy helps too!  :)

copyright-katherine-marie-122213bHere are a few kits from years past:

Christmas Collage Kit

Snowball Fight Survival Kit

Hot Cocoa Kit (this one was for Valentine’s Day but you could easily make it Christmasy)

Mistletoe Survival Kit (from yesterday!)

Three days until CHRISTMAS!!!!

With love and gratitude,

Katherine Marie