12 Days of Christmas Fun!

We started this tradition last year to REALLY help us celebrate the wonder and joy of this time of year!

12 Boxes

12 Themes

12 Days of Christmas FUN!!


Since this is only our second year I kept our themes pretty similar to 2012.  Next year I will probably change things up a bit more to keep it fresh and exciting.  I keep an entire section in my Christmas binder with notes and inspiration for activities and themes.


This year’s FUN DAYS!


Each box contains supplies for that day’s theme.  Treats, treasures, crafts, books, movies… everything we might need to celebrate.  I also keep old (and priceless) school crafts, small drawings and keepsakes in the boxes.  It makes me heart happy to bring out special mementos, to enjoy, at least once season.


A few of the goodies from inside the Candy Cane Day box!


Inside each box lid is a full list of ideas.  We never get to everything on the list… and lots of time we think of new things as we go.  Typically we do three or four things.  Even if the day is crazy and chaotic there is always time for a carol before bed or a game during breakfast.


Christmas Kindness Day is the only “fun day” that really lasts all season long.  I really needed a day set aside where we could do all our prep…so this is kind of a “work day”—the fun is the the feeling we get from serving others!


Even though you could, we don’t use The 12 Days as a countdown (opening one each day leading up to the 25th).  I prefer to keep it ultra flexible and just do a box whenever it fits into our schedule.

copyright-katherine-marie-121013cSome goodies from inside the St. Nicholas Day box.  Here’s a couple links to give you a “fun day” feel—   Nativity Fun! Gingerbread Day!  Grinch Fun!



I’m guest blogging about “The 12 Days of Christmas Fun” on my sweet friend ERIN’s brand new and VERY beautiful blog— Small Orchard.  Erin and I met via Instagram and if you don’t already know her you will immediately fall in love with her beautiful heart, creative soul and gorgeous family!

Blessings and love!