The moment I saw this I fell in love!  The problem? 

I can’t sew. 

I was lucky to find JODY via her online shop… just look what she whipped up for the birthday girl!


Check out the detail on these felt envelopes.  Is this to die for or what?  Jody hand stitched the post marks— HAPPY, LOVE, FUN on wool felt, used her embroidery machine for the addresses & then lined the inside with pink and green fabric.  The flaps close with velcro.  Eventually, when Emerson learns to write, we will use small pink card stock to “write letters.”

  Playful and educational—I’m so tickled that with this gift!!


To complete the b-day gift I made a little matching mailbox out of a recycled OJ carton.  I painted the juice carton pink and added green polka dots with modge podge.  Can you guess what color her room is??  The mailbox stand is a soup can with pink paint and polka dot paper.


I have made a commitment to purchase only recycled, vintage or handmade gifts for the kiddos now from now on.  How can Toys R Us compete with something like this pretend post office set?  I just can’t buy those cheapy-plaistic-mass producted toys anymore.  If you have never shopped at—do it.  If you can’t make it yourself there is someone out their that probably can! I truly love supporting local, small businesses.  I’ve known, first hand, the struggles of the “small retail” shop owner.

But I also how this— when we make a promise to support each other and buy locally— we can make anything happen!