1.  Dress up as a Christmas tree… even if you aren’t a one-year-old!

2.  Have a GRINCH DAY!

3.  Turn your sink into a fun and festive play spot

4.  Collect non perishable food items for your local food pantry— [CANS FOR KIDS!]

5.  See if your local cake or bake shop offers GINGERBREAD house building classes

6.  Make a list of MUST-TAKE Christmas pictures… take one special picture everyday

7.  Make snow fellas

8.  Turn an Altoid tin into a Christmas Collage Kit [A Colorful Christmas]

9.  Set out a simple craft station for the kiddos

10. Take before and after pictures of your TREE

11. Enter or visit a gingerbread house baking contest!

12.  Hand out candy canes to everyone you meet


13.  Buy a set of bells to accompany your Christmas carols

14.  Join the Red Kettle team for an hour or an afternoon

15.  Read a Christmas book every night in December

16.  If you don’t want to go door-to-door to collect food… ask a local grocery store for permission to collect food outside the store… if the kids are dressed in holiday attire people won’t be able to resist donating a can or two or three!

17.  Decorate your breakfast eggs with a CHRISTMAS message

18.  Set up mock Christmas interviews where the kids pretend to be a Christmas character (real or fictitious)

19.  If you are feeling tired and weary with all the commercialism of Christmas watch THIS VIDEO to lift your spirits.  I watch it every year and it makes me cry every time.

20.  Don’t have a family picture for your Christmas card? Draw one instead!

21.  RELAX!  Take seat.  Savor every little sight.

22.  Sing carols every night before bed (if you can’t remember the words… keep your favorites printed in a special binder)

23.  Take a picture of your kids in an adult sized Santa suit every year until they are 18!  :)  or 28! :)

24.  Try cracking nuts


25.  Dress up as your favorite Christmas book character

26.  Try a new advent tradition each year

27.  Use props from your church play to take photos… heheheh

28.  Have Santa leave a special note after he eats his cookies…

29.  Take a photo of your ornaments before and after… on and off the tree

30.  Toss in a little learning during winter vacation

31.  For next year— if you are feeling really ambitions take holiday photos in September for your Christmas cards… mail our your cards the day after Thanksgiving… I’ve always wanted to do this!

32.  Read about the miracle of Christmas. Talk about the miracle.  Enjoy the miracle.

33.  Don’t get out of bed without a Santa hat on

34.  Write notes in the snow

35.  Take a picture in the same place every year to see how much they have grown

36.  Make a Christmas photo book


37.  Learn all the words to a Christmas carol

38.  Decorate your car… I’m thinking I might be really obnoxious and tacky this year!

39.  Take time to be alone every single day… breath, pray, relax

40.  Make an ABCs of Christmas book using all your old photos.  A is for Angel!

41.  Leave a special note of thanks to homes that are decorated especially pretty

42.  Visit a live Nativity

43.  Start a new tradition!

44.  Make a Santa hand print even if you are over the age of 10

45.  Design a Christmas art kit [Triangles of Christmas] to keep the kids busy when you need a moment or two

46.  Send lots and lots and lots of happy mail

47.  Visit a nursing home and give out handshakes, hugs, smiles and treats

48.  Enjoy a daily advent devotion with your kids