48 of my VERY VERY favorite things to do at Christmastime! copyright-katherine-marie-120213h

1. Decorate a mini gingerbread house

2.  Set up a Christmas kissing booth and give way free smooches (or maybe Hershey’s kisses!)

3.  Have a “Gingerbread Day”

4.  Take a picture of your little (or big one) in a precious heirloom outfit (T- you’ll always be like family to me!)

5.  Deck the halls shirtless… if you are under THREE!

6.  What the movie “Frozen” & then make tiny frozen treats from small marshmallows

7.  Go for a walk in your Santa suits (and just WATCH what happens!!)

8.  Make a festive lunch

9.  Leave a treat in your mailbox for your mail carrier– they work so hard this time of year!

10.  Learn about the Saint who would be Santa— I enjoyed THIS interview with Adam English who wrote the book, “The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus: The True Life and Trails of Nicholas of Myra.” 

11.  Eat as much candy as possible (OR even better always keep a stash of kisses in your coat pocket and give out to store clerks, librarians, bus drivers…  everyone you meet gets a kiss!)

12.  Wear your Christmas robe all day long!


13.  Act out the nativity

14.  Make gingerbread play-dough

15.  Put on a Christmasy puppet show

16.  Paint a sign to welcome your holiday guests

17.  Pick a Christmas theme and celebrate it ALL DAY LONG!

18.  Wear Christmas PJs when you do your cookie baking

19.  Sleep in front of your tree

20.  Celebrate the MIRACLE!

21.  Wear matching aprons in the kitchen (KATE–still using them every year!)

22.  Make handmade cards for folks at a nursing home

23.  Even if you don’t have an “Efl” leave a snowman in your fridge for someone to find!

24.  Wear a Santa hat to breakfast, lunch and dinner


 25.  Relax in front of a twinkling tree

26.  Play with your kid’s toys before you wrap them

27.  Hand out treats to people who are mailing out their Christmas cards

28.  Watch a Christmas pageant

29.  Take lots and lots of naps when you are sleepy

30.  Decorate Christmas cookies

31.  Read your favorite books… over and over and over…

32.  Take pictures BEFORE Christmas Day so you can sit back and enjoy they without the stress of getting the “right” shot

33.  Go treasure hunting for vintage holiday goodies

34.  Get out from behind the camera at LEAST once!

35.  If it’s too cold to play outside… bring the snow inside

36.  Use photos to make your treats extra sweet


 37.  Mail a letter to Santa

38.  Snuggle in front of the tree

39.  Make a candy cane trail

40.  Make cookies that you don’t really like so you’re not tempted to eat all the cookie dough… heheheh…

41.  Smile at everyone you see… even the grumpy ones

42.  Don’t get too tired

43.  Say hi to St. Nick

44.  See what fun free events are happening in your town

45.  Don’t wait for mistletoe to kiss everyone you know!

46.  Make or buy felt Christmas cookies to further avoid temptation (see above)!

47.  Visit a Christmas tree farm

48.  Don’t try to contain your excitement as you check your mailbox every day– enjoy the love, creativity and kindness that is sealed in every card