It’s nearly one am and I have a slightly-feverish-won’t-go-to-sleep one year old on my lap.  These photos are making us both giggle.

This month…


…we went a bit batty for bats!

copyright katherinemarie 110113d


…we had a sleepover!  Who am I kidding?  There was absolutely no sleep involved whatsoever!


…I, upon special request, made some silly lunches.

For the record, decorating cheese sticks is my new favorite hobby.

I’m sure I’ll regret saying that someday! hehehe

What is the first thing bats learn at school?  The Alpha-BAT!


…we did a little dog grooming.



…we visited our very favorite farm for some rock climbing, corn-mazing, cow riding excitement.


…we celebrated our Annual Halloween Gross-ology mystery box style!

I did an after school snack version which included worms (gummy candy), cat food (Chex Mix really does look like cat food), monster hair (fruit pulls), Monster Teeth (candy corn), and rotten fish (Goldfish crackers)… and the winner of gross-ology this year was FRANKIE-STEINS dirty diaper (fresh diaper with a little melted chocolate bar)!!


We also used the mystery box for trick-or-treaters this year.  Frankie-steins dirty diaper may have scarred some of the adults, but the kids loved it.  You should have seen some of their expressions!  I changed out the unwrapped snack items for Halloween type party favors so each of our visitors could take a not-so-gross treat home with them.


…we enjoyed the most delicious homegrown fruits and veggies.

copyright-katherine-marie-110113g…we went outside in our PJs a lot.  Frankie is going up for the BIG jump.  Go Frankie Go!


…we made campfire treats.  S’mores of course!


Good-bye October!

We enjoyed you immensely!