2013 Costumes!


Costume Brainstorming Board:  Retro Fast Food Fellas

Back in September I started collecting items for our Halloween costumes.  The inspiration for our theme was this cute little Hamburglar puppet from Pops.


The Hamburglar & Colonel Sanders

Mason’s Hamburglar costume was from my sweet and talented friend at The Princess and The Frog… THANK YOU so very much Anna and Harris!


I shamelessly asked our local KFC if I could have a bucket to use for our Colonel Sanders costume.  They were so nice and they even offered me an apron!  I had already made the little red one, so we didn’t need it, but it was such a sweet offer.  My favorite part about this costume was that whenever anyone asked Blaise, “whatcha servin?” or “what’s cookin?” he gave them a little toy chicken (I found a big pack at a party store)… heheheh… it was so fun!



The whole crew!

Here’s the Hamburglar going in for a steal!


Frankie wasn’t about to wear the itchy red Wendy’s wig, so I had to make her wig into a hat!  The blue gingham dress is actually a Dorthy costume (from Wizard of Oz) with a Wendy’s logo I cut from a fountain drink cup.


Wendy is eating on the job!



Ronnie McDonald!  I just love this burst of color! Emerson didn’t like to be called Ronald McDonald (since it’s a guys name) so we nick named her Ronnie McDonald!  She thought it was extra fun to try out the red colored hair spray.

Hope y’all had a great night of candy and fun!