Some snaps from Trunk or Treat today!!!


 We have a huge selection of costumes that I keep on hand for plays, imaginary play, dress up time and impromptu parties.  So when Halloween rolls around we have it really easy!  I let the kids pick whatever they want for fall parties and trunk or treating.  Then I get to put together a creative costume for the 31st!  :):)  I call it—You pick one.  I pick one. We all get to be creative!  I’ve found the best place to find used costumes is at consignment shops in early September.  I also watch for costumes all year long—cause I’m weird like that.  :)  It really pays off to buy early because costumes like the dragon and banana were only a couple bucks each.




They were running towards me.  Your can’t stop them when candy is involved!  When we started Frankie had a small bunch of bananas to carry along in her basket and the fire breathing dragon had some pretend fire made from paper!  Who knows where they ended up!!?  :)


It was a chilly and gorgeous day.

So thankful for days like this.

So thankful for these creative and fun-loving kids in my life.