On Frankie’s lunch tray.

All over Emerson’s bedroom wall.

In the mail!!?

Couldn’t even do homework without those creepy crawly guys coming for a visit!


Spidey lunch!  Clockwise: chocolate coin, applesauce, tortilla bites decorated with food marker, raisin FLIES, and a very very scary sammy. hehehe…


EEEEEEEK!  Emerson picked her Halloween decor this year… those creepy crawlies don’t seem to bother her a bit.  She is reading on of her favorite fall books, “The Spooky Smells of Halloween.”  And for the record Emerson’s room is rarely this clean.

Se7en + 1… I’m so sorry the spiders that visit your house this time of year aren’t nearly as cute and cuddly!  :)


The Spelling Web Game.

1.  Pick a spider word  2.  Practice  3.  Crinkle word into a ball  4.  Throw and see if you can get it to stick to the wall web (covered in contact paper)   5. Repeat!!


Happy mail for my lovely and beautiful friend in Hawaii!  I filled this box with spiders and other fun Halloween goodies.  You must already know that my favorite part about making surprise packages is decorating the box!  This time I added lollipops, a web and edible spiders to the lid.  The lid spiders are peppermint patties (thanks Peggy for the idea)!