Yes! Yes! I’m happy to admit that this is my all time favorite fall flick!  I thoroughly enjoyed It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown as a child and I feel so blessed that I now get to watch it with my own kids.  Every year I do a little something extra special to celebrate Charlie!


This year we did movie night with friends, treats and pumpkin paintin’!!


The pumpkin surprise cups (above) are handy for painting and they even had treats underneath.

 Tracie– Does anything look familiar on the table!? I’m just LOVING my birthday candle!  It smells so divine.  Folks you must see this amazing ORANGE themed package that Tracie sent me last month— HERE!!! You know how I adore a color theme.  THANK YOU so much dear Tracie!

Some Great Pumpkin fun from the last couple of years:


2011 Lunch Treats!


2012 Scavenger Hunt!!


The clues led to the movie, of course!!  We even hid one pumpkin up in a tree!