Ohhhhh you should have heart the shrieks at the dinner table last night!

Emerson lost her VERY FIRST TOOTH!  Before bed she informed me that she was going to wake up in the middle of the night to see what the tooth fairy left her!

DSC_4696Her joy and enthusiasm just melts my heart. I was just as excited to whip her up something special as she was to lose her tooth.  I left all her goodies on top of her dollie bed.



The Tooth Fairy Left:

 1.  A brand new toothbrush

2.  An official receipt

3.  A fabric lined glassine bag to hold the $!

4.  Fairy (dental) floss and tiny treasures

5.  A Teeny Tiny Letter (copy of my handwritten letter reduced by 75%)

6.  Fairy Dust (glitter & confetti)


P.S. Mom don’t freak out! I’ll post a picture of her toothless grin soon!  :)