One. Two. Three.  A Grinch for me!

1.  “To Make a Grinch Grin” idea via Kinder-Wife’s Blog   4.  Stuff-a-Grinch Ornaments h/t Pinterest!  5. Grab-and-Go Grinch Activities

Blaise loved using a wooden soup spoon to mix and identify letters.  Free printables via Babbling Amy’s Blog!

Open Grinch’s door (diaper wipe lid) to find the man-in-green.

Grinchy pop up puppets and GRINCH interview sheet.

We haven’t done the interview yet, but I hope to get Mason on video interviewing Emerson dressed as the Grinch!  Maybe someday I will learn to share video on my blog.  :)

We had a fog delay the other day.  It was the perfect excuse to work on some fun Grinch school stuff.  I love it when the kiddos go in late because it gives us time to play school!  :)

Grinch Adjectives idea via The First Grade Parade!

Mixed Media Grinches!

Grinch Pills (Tic Tacs!) h/t Pinterest via Craft Fabulous!  Grinch Candy Canes via Grinch Day at The First Grade Parade!

His favorite thing to do in costume was to creep around the house and pretend like he was eating tree ornaments.